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Nashville Street Name Changes

Nashville Street Name Changes

New Name Old Name
1st Avenue Front Street
2nd Avenue Market Street
3rd Avenue College Street
4th Avenue Cherry Street
5th Avenue Summer Street
6th Avenue High Street
7th Avenue Vine Street
8th Avenue Spruce Street
9th Avenue McClemore
10th Avenue Walnut Street, Gowdey Street
11th Avenue Kayne Avenue
12th Avenue McNairy Street
13th Avenue Morgan Street
14th Avenue Hardee Street
15th Avenue Stonewall Avenue
16th Avenue Mulberry St., Belmont Avenue
17th Avenue Williams St., Ewing St.
18th Avenue Vanderbilt Avenue
19th Avenue Douglass Avenue
20th Avenue Boyd Avenue
21st Avenue Oak Street
Laurel Street Locust Street
Patterson Street Cumberland Street
Commerce Street Cumberland Alley
Church Street Spring Street
Jo Johnston Line Street
Hermitage Avenue Fillmore Street

Edgefield Street Name Changes

New Name Old Name
First Street Fillmore Street
Second Street Barrow Street
Third Street Hickory Street
Fourth Street Oak Street
Fifth Street Tulip Street
Sixth Street Minnick Street
Seventh Street Foster Street
Eighth Street Hobson Street
Ninth Street Priscilla
Clearview Street Lindsley Avenue
Woodland Street Lindsley (Woodland Became Lindsley at Eleventh.)
Holly Street Elm Street
Russell Street Linn Street (between Eleventh and Thirteenth
Fatherland Street Hobson (Fatherland became Hobson at Tenth.)
Lillian Street Walnut Street
Boscobel Street Magnolia Street (Boscobel became Magnolia at Eleventh.)
Shelby Street Lea Street (Shelby became Lea at Tenth)
Fourteenth Street Division

The information on this page was researched by Debie Cox and published on the internet.


  1. Hi Debie--
    Many thanks for this list of street name changes. Could you help me in my family history research in Nashville? I found my family members in the 1910 Census, Nashville, living on North Fourth Street. I can not find that street on Google maps. Help!
    Jack Anderson
    P.S. How can I email you with some other questions?

    1. Email me at

    2. North Fourth Street was changed to Lischey Avenue. Today it starts at Foster Street and runs north to Trinity Lane. This link shows Lischey as it was in 1960. The list only shows Lischey to Douglas Ave which was the city limits, though Lischey did extend to Trinity Lane in 1960 as well.

  2. Many Thanks, Debi--
    I really appreciate you help. I am looking for ancestors in Tennessee (Nashville and Murfreesboro) and Kentucky (Madison County and Garrard County).

    Thanks for you contact info. I might want to enlist your paid help to get over some roadblocks.

    Jack Horton Anderson


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