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Charity Church

Record of Baptisms of Rev. Robert Heaton 1812-1843

Transcribed from a photocopy of the original record in 2003 by Debie Cox. A photocopy of the Record of Baptisms of Rev. Robert Heaton (pronounced eaton) 1812-1843 was presented to Debie Cox by Linda Ross Lee. The original is housed in the Library of the Free Will Baptist Bible College in Nashville TN. The churches represented in this record are Zion Church on White’s Creek, Marrowbone Church and Charity Church all in Davidson County; Loes meeting house, Sycamore Arm of Zion Church and Good Springs meeting house all located in Robertson County; and Macadoo Church, called Macadoo Creek Church in the Nolin Kentucky Association Minutes. In the 1834 Tennessee Gazetteer, Macadoo Creek is described as being a North branch of the Cumberland in Montgomery County. Following is a transcript of the record.

June the 14 1812 following received and baptised Isaac Weakley, Alexander Lester & Sarah Hardin. On June the 15 1812 baptised Daniel Dar. On June the 12 1812 baptised James Martin, Elisebeth Martin, George Waters & Peggy Waters his wife, Elijah Husk, Enoch Kannaday, Jacob Wagoner & Littleton Green & on August the 16 1812 baptised William Cradock & Polly Cradock his wife, Felix Demumbro & Mary Demumbro his wife, George Cagle, Jacob Cagle, Hanah Fambro by letter.
September the 27 1812 baptised Enoch Heaton, Polly Berry & Polly Cagle. October the 11th 1812 baptised Elisebeth Hyde. June the 6 1813 Baptised Nansey Felts, October the 16 1813 baptised Elisabeth Wilson. June the 17 1813 Baptised P__ty Cagle, Elisebeth Cagle & Sally Wagoner. July the 25 1813 Baptised Benjamin Drake & Susanah Drake his wife, Thomas Heaton, William Heaton, Hanah Criddle, Susanah Lester & negro Sam.
August the 1 1813 Baptised Patsey Crain, received Sister Elisebeth Walker, Isom Felts, Mary Felts, Milly Lennex, Elisabeth Miles , Spencer Crane, Elisabeth Murphy , Elisabeth Daniel , all former members. August the 28 baptised Thomas Wats, September 25 chose Bro Benjamin Drake & Bro William Craddock Deacons in the Church & Thomas Heaton Clerk. September 26 baptised Sally Lester & negro Zitter. May the 21 1814, Licenced Brother Hurst to preach the Gospell.
August the 22 1814 Baptised Drury Felts. September the 25 Baptised Josiah League. June the 25 1815 Baptised Elizabeth Cagle. July the 2 1815 received by letter Brother Grifeth Williams & sister Peggy Williams. July the 23rd 1815 received & baptised Benjamin Odonely, Jiney Johnson, sister Lucy Odonely by letter. August the 6th 1815 received sisters Peggy Hunly & Frankey Ellit former members.
August the 20 1815 received and Baptised Charles Cagle, John Cagle & William Martin. Sister Hannah Criddle Died February the 23 1816 leaving behind her a disconsolate Companion with three little babes. Brother Elijah Hurst Died February the 26 1816. May the 5 1816 Baptised sister Polly Felts. July the 7 1816 Baptised Brother Joseph Felts & sister Hester Felts his wife. July the 7 received sister Elisebeth Hail by letter. July the 21 Baptised Brother William Hufman.
September the 1 1816 received Sister Patsey Brooks by reentation. September the 2 Baptised a Servant of Mr Vicks named Dicey. May the 2 1817 Baptised sister Polly Vick & received sister Mary Equils by letter. May the 11 1817 Baptised Brother Aron Deen & Brother Joab Vick . July the 20 1817 Baptised Sister Sally Deen, Sister Clary Vick & sister Patsey Vick. August the 2 1817 received sister Priscilla Stevens by letter. August the 17 1817 Baptised sister Mely Harris. August the 15 1817 return to the asociation 69 members in good standing. June the 7 1818 Baptised sister Rachel Huston.
August the 2 1818 Baptised Sister Nelly Felts. August the 12 1818 return to the South Kintucky asociation Seventy members in good standing. October the 25 1818 Baptised Sister Polly Lee. April the 25 1819 Baptised Brother Cordy Peoples. May the 1 1819 received Sister Boldry in Felowship who had been expelled not according to the gospel. May the 26 1819 received Sisters Susan Lester & Nancey Lester by letter & Sister Susanah Lester by recommendation & Baptised Negro Zaney a servant of Zachey Drakes. July the 4 1819 received and baptised Sister Pegey Grimes. July the 11 1819 Baptised Brother John Wagginer & sister Elizabeth Wagginer his wife likewise.
Brother William Fukewey & sister Polly Fukeway his wife 7 sister Lucindy Page. August the 15 1819 Baptised Brother Robert Vick & sister Elizabeth Vick his wife, Brother Joseph Vick, sister Phereby Hinson & sister Sally Durat. August the 20 1819 return to the asociation 88 members in good standing. September the 26 1819 Baptised sister Pennina Etheridge. October the 1st 1819 Baptised sister Dilcey Vick & Sister Aggy Page. October the 24 1819 dismised one by letter. October the 22 1819 received Brother Elexander Rascoe a preacher of the gospel by recomedation.
October the 30th 1819 return to the asociation 91 members. May the 21 1820 Baptised Nathan Bennit. June the 4th 1820 received Brother Able Williams by letter & sister Sally Williams his wife by recomandation. June the 25 1820 Baptised Brother Noel Watkins & sister Sally Watkins his wife. August the 27 1820 Baptised sister Sally Whoton & Brother George Waters reclaimed & received to fellowship again. September the 3 1820 received Brother Cothron by recommendation & appointed his as Clerk to the Sikemore arm of Zion Church. August the 27 return to the asociation ninety nine members.
June the 18 1821 received Brother Sam & sister Elsabeth his wife by letter both of them servants of Mr. Criddles. August the 5 1821 received & Baptised Brother Mathew Walker & Brother Hardy Felts, received Brother George Allin by letter May 1818 but negelcted to set it down till now. August the 20 1821 return to the Nolin Kentucky asociation one hundred 7 four members. October the 7 1821 received Brother Josiah Hunly by recantation. October the 14 1821 baptised Brother Joshua a servant of Nathen Bennit. November the 4 1821 Baptised Brother Nathan Williams.
May the 5 1822 Baptised my two daughters Sally Stewart & Susan Heaton. June the 2 1822 Baptised my daughter Moriller Heaton & sister Polly Stevens. August the 4 1822 Baptised Elisebeth Heaton my wife & Smith Heaton my son. August the 11 1822 Baptised Brother Thomas Smith. August the 24 1822 received Braxton Lee a former member. August the 24 1822 return to the asociation one hundred & fourteen members. October the 6 1822 baptised sister Polly Felts & sister Susan Lee.
October the 12 1822 baptised brother Wilson Gower & brother John B. Demumbron. October the 27 1822 Baptised Brother William Levy & received Brother John M. Chaudoin & Sister Sarah Chaudoin by letter. November the 2 1822 Baptised Brother Blaney Felts & sister Rody Williams. November the 4 1822 Baptised Brother John Smith. March the 2 1823 Baptised Sister Sinthy Smawl. May the 31 1823 received Brother John Baker by letter.
June 14 1823 We the Sykemore arm of Zion Church having petitioned the body of Zion Church for a devision & Constitution have this day met at Loes meeting house in Robertson County state of Tennessee & after singing and prayer we give our selves to god & to each other & on the Scriptures of the old & new testament was organised Constituted & pronounced a Separate & independent Church to ourselves with our former paster to wit Robert Heaton & is now known by the name of Sykemore Church at Sweet Spring meeting house Robertson County. Constituted by elder William Boldry of Macadoo Church ,elder John M. Chaudoin, Brother William Cradock, & Brother Benjamin Drake paster & deacons of Zion Church in Davidson County Whites Creek state of Tennessee.
August the 2 1823 Baptised Sister Mary Wills. August the 9 1823 Baptised Brother William Anderson, Brother William Cerny & sister Cagle. September the 7 1823 Baptised sister Elisebeth Wilson. September the 9 1823 return to the asociation seventy one members. Aprile the 4 1824 Baptised brother James Williams. June the 4 1824 Baptised sister Charity a black woman of Mr McGraws. July 4 Baptised Brother Kalop Winters.
Black Sam died July the 18 1824. September the 5 1824 Baptised sister Anny Pinkly. September the 5 1824 return to the Nolin asociation seventy four members. September the 12 1824 Baptised Brother Timothy Durat. On munday the 7 of September Brother Isom Felts died. October the 9 1824 Sister Elisebeth Vick died.
August the 13 1825 Baptised Sister Lucy Derro & sister Chaney a servent. September the 4 1825 return to the asociation Seventy three members. September the 11 1825 Baptised Sister Janey a Servent & received Brother John Wagoner & Sister Elisebeth Wagoner by letters. October the 22 1826 Baptised Brother Steven Lee. November the 12 1826 Baptised Sister Milly Vick & received Brother Nathen Williams. November the 18 1826 received Brother Cordy Peple. June the 10 1827 Baptised Sister Lucy Heaton.
Marrowbone Church was Constituted on the 10 day of January 1826 by elder Thomas Scaggs & elder Allexander Rascoe Constituted on 26 members William Fuqua decon, Polly Fuqua, Polly Equils, George S. Allin decon, John B. Demombron, Robert S. Heaton, Rubin Chaudoin elder removed by letter, Mary Equils, Joab Vick,
Dilcey Vick, Green Cato dismissed by letter, Fanny Chaudoin removed, Benjamin Hyde, Milly Hyde,Thomas Heaton, William Hufmon, Abel Williams, Sally Williams, Nathen Williams, Susan Williams, Rhody Williams, Colman Franum removed, Sally Franum removed, Archeble Fortune, Stephen Lee, Drury Felts, Nelly Felts, Thomas Wats, Cordy C. Peoples, William Cradock, Wilson L. Gower Clerk, Lucy Heaton, Colman Tranum removed, Umphry Doneven, Moriller Sanderson, John Waggoner, Elisebeth Waggoner,
Sally Stewart, Susan Porter, Sally Anderson, Clary Vick, Milly Crucher, Thomas Smith , Patsey Smith , Lucindy Gower , Mely Harris, Margret Williams diseased, Sally Jordin, Jane M Tire, Polly Richardson , Elisebeth Walker , Polly Cagle , Catrine Cagle removed, Black Jeny , Black Dicey , Black Peggy turned out, Black Chany diseased, Anney Pace removed, Benjamin Odonely , Jiney Johnson , Mary Wills , Elisebeth Cagle removed, Elisebeth Blankinship , Pherebe Hinson , Black Nelly .
January the 27 1828 received Brother Jessey Hulsey by letter. August the 24 1828 Baptised Brother Grifeth Williams & received Sister Lucy Donoly . August the 25 1828 return to the asociation sixty nine members. November the 9 1828 Baptised Sister Judy Cagle & November the 30 Baptised Brother Rubin Holt . August the 18 1829 return to the asociation fifty seven members. May the 16 1830 received Sister Susan Frensly .
May 16, 1830 Baptised Sister Nancy Frensly , Sister Sally Frensly & Sister Susan Frensly . June the 27 1830 Baptised Brother Henry Green . Sister Mely Harris Died June the 28 1830. August the 2 1830 dismissed Sister Sally Anderson by letter. return to the asocation on September the 6 1830 sixty members. October the 4th 1830 Sabath baptised Sister Susanah Coon .
October the 4th Sabath received Brother Antony Hinkle & sister Hinkle by recantation. May 16 1831 received Brother William Heaton & sister Moriah Heaton his wife by letter, July the 30th 1831 Baptised Sister Nancy Brumbelo & sister Lucindy Hinkle. October the 16 1831 received Sister Nancy Jackson . March the 11 1832 dismissed by letter Willson Gower & Lucindy Gower his wife & brother John B. Demunbra. Thomas Smith dismissed in disorder.
May 20 1832 Baptised Sister Sadler & Sister Lucindy Lain & received sister Elisebeth Green . Aprile the 21 1833 Baptised Brother Thomas Sadler & received Brother Noah Underwood by recommendation & Bro. George Cagle & Sister Elisebeth Cagle his wife. Aprile the 20 1833 Baptised Shadrick Coon. May the 12 received Brother Nathen Bennit by letter. June the 16 1833 received Sister Nancy Celly by recommendation.
July the 19 1833 received by experience & baptised Brother George Waggoner Sister Waggoner his wife, Brother Benjamin Powel, Brother Burril Sadler, Brother Babbit, Sister Crissy Cerny, Sister Elisebeth Martin, & Sister Susan Brinkly. July the 28 1833 received by experience & Baptism Bro. Thomas Felts, Sister Nancy Morris, Sister Leviney Pinkly & a black Sister belonging to Sqr. McGraw named August the 11 1833 received & baptised Sister Naomy Bennit & Sister Sally Williams. Brother William Cerny by letter. September the 1 1833 returnd to the asociation ninety members.
October the 14 1833 received & baptised Brother Cristifer Derrow & Sister Nancy Derrow his wife, Brother John Martin, Brother Ennis Cerny & Sister Catherine Brinkly. October the 20 1833 Received & Baptised Brother William Rolin & Sister Lily Rolin his wife, Sister Elisebeth Rolin, Sister Edeline Moses , Sister Mary Frensly & Sister Mary A. Frensly by letter. October the 20 1833 Baptised Brother Joseph Derrow , Brother Hirom Williams , Brother William Allems , Brother Jesse Clark , Sister Mary Felts by letter, Sister Nancy Felts by letter, Brother Blany Felts by letter, Brother David Herrington & Sister Charity Herrington his wife by letter. Baptised Sister Nancy Felts, Sister Lisey Pinkly & Sister brunetty Pinkly, &
Sister Elisebeth Felts. November the 11 1833 Baptised Brother Joseph Gower & Sister Polly Gower his wife & received Brother Joshuaby recommendation. December the 8 Baptised Sister Eveline Hufmon & Sister Liddy Best. December the 22 1833 Baptised Brother James Grimes & Sister Julise Pinkley . May the 11 1834 Baptised Brother James Martin& Sister Betsy Biggs & Sister Peggy Biggs. May the 18 1834 received Sister Catherine Smith by recommendation & Baptised Sister Powel. July the 22 1834 Baptised Sister Chamblis.
July the 13 1834 Baptised Brother Josiah Vick & Sister Rebecah Vick his wife & received Brother William Anderson. September the 14 1834 baptised Brother John Rolin . September the 29 1834 Baptised Brother George Hazelwood & Sister Smittick . June the 28 1835 Baptised Sister Clark & Sister Rachel a black woman. August the 23 1835 Baptised Sister Sally Binkly. August the 23 Baptised Brother George Head & Brother Joseph Barnet.
Brother Shadrack H Coon died May the 25 1836. July the 23 1837 Baptised Brother Joseph Walker. August the 13 1837 Baptised Sister Frances Williams. October the 14 1837 Baptised Brother Wiot Felts. May the 19 1838 Baptised Brother Joseph Bradley. June the 10 1838 Baptised Sister Tabitha Dar. July the 11 1838 Baptised Sisters Follis & Connil.
We the Church of Christ called Separate Baptis at Charity & Zion meeting houses in Davidson County being legally Constituted upon the ___bases of the Scriptures of the old & new testiment protesting against all humon rules or articles of faith and decorems believeing that the word of God is the only rule to govern the kingdom of Christ both in faith & practis.
We have now become attached to the Concord asociation & represent in that body sixty nine members. September the 24 1839. September the 6 1840 Baptised Brother John Clark & Brother Jacob Chaudoin. October the 25 1840 Baptised Brother James Allums & Sister Lucindy Chaudoin. September the 8 Baptised Brother Isack Carter. September the 9th 1841 return to the asociation from good Spring 53 members. September the 9 1841 return to the association from Charity meeting house 71 members. December the 5th 1841 Baptised Sister Mary Deen.
May the 15 1842 Baptised Brother Joseph Tucker & Sister Mary Tucker his wife Sister Hariet Brandon & Sister Francis Morgan. September the 15 return to the asociation from good Spring fifty three members. Return to the asociation from Marrobone Church September 10 1842 Seventy one 74 members. July the 23 1843 Baptised Brother John Doolin.
An account of the age of the Children of Amos Heaton & Elizebeth Heaton his wife.
Robert Heaton was born March the 15 1765.
Predence Heaton was born Jenuery the 14 1767.
Enoch Heaton was born December the 3 1768.
Elizabeth Heaton was born September the 30 1770.
Thomas Heaton was born Jenuery the 6 1773.
Isaac Heaton was born September the 19 1775.
Mary Heaton was born February the 25 1778.
John Heaton was born October 23 1780.
Joseph Heaton September the 1 1786.
Book of Record & names of the members of the church.
Rev. Robt. Heaton died age 78 Nov. 15, 1843 and his wife Elisabeth Died age 71 June 17, 1837. Elisabeth Heaton died the wife of Amos Heaton died May the 21 1805 it being the fifty ninth year of her age.
Robert Heaton
September the 23 1840 Ransom W. Eaton Started with his little family to move to Misoory.
End of Record
The churches at which Robert Heaton served belonged before Sept. 1819 to the South Kentucky Association of Separate Baptists in Christ. By Oct. of 1819 they had become members of the Nolin Association of Separate Baptists. In Sept. 1840 they had joined the Concord Association. The South Kentucky Association of Separate Baptists in Christ is the oldest association in the General Association. It was organized and constituted in the year 1785, and her boundary was all south of the Kentucky river to Tennessee.
The Nolin Association of Separate Baptists was constituted in September 1819 They next met in October of 1802 at Loes (Lowes) meeting house in Robertson Co. TN. Robert Heaton was chosen moderator.
The letter below, written by Robert Heaton was recorded in the minutes of the Nolin Association.
As respects the Docinian Doctrine as taught by Docinus, we believe it says the foundation of every Christian's hope. So likewise doth the Armenian plan oppose the experience of every enlightened Christian, if it be what Calvinism says it is, but we believe Jesus Christ, our divine Saviour, in person tasted death for every man and thereby made an atonement for the sin of the whole world, or in other words, made salvation possible for all the fallen family, and that all men may be saved by repentance towards God, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, without which none can be saved. We earnestly contend that salvation is by grace without the deeds of the law, that grace devised the plan, put it into execution, gives power to accept it, carries on the work, and will in the end crown the whole, by which the standing of the Christian is secured against principalities, powers, men or devils. These are our views of the Gospel, which we believe a correct aisle of instruction to the children of men, for if Kings, Governors, or Magistrates, empires, kingdoms, and republics, were subject to it, happy would be our world, in this glorious system of instruction are, directions to husbands, wives, parents, children, masters and servants as well as to ministers, members and churches, this being the case we as your servants exhort you to observe these things, and delight of your hearts, that thereby your good may not be evilly spoken of.
Done by order of the Association the 2nd Monday in October 1820.
Robert Heaton, Moderator
Walter Williams, Clerk