Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Remember When, do you? by Jimmy Morrissey

My friend Jimmy Morrissey lived at 1008 Meridian Street for many years.  His parents moved there in the 1920's and the family owned it until the early 1990's.  Jimmy typed a list of memories to share and handed out copies at the last Glenn School/Northeast Nashville reunion.

I  Remember When, do you?
Prepared by Jimmy Morrissey

1. When making a phone call I heard, “number please” from an operator.

2. When Lucky Strike Green went to war and did not return.

3. There was a Sycamore Lodge in Shelby Park.

4. I could ride the trolley car to town for 5 cents. I would catch it in front of Caplans department store located at the corner of Wilburn and Meridian. 
Caplans 5&10 and Roxy Theater.  North Edgefield Remembered.

5. The trolley car transfer station located between 3rd Ave. and 4th Ave.,  parallel to Deadrick St.                                          

Walter Williams Metro Archives

6.  I rode to High School on the bus for 3 cents.
North Edgefield Remembered

7.  Saturday afternoon movie was 12 cents.
North Edgefield Remembered

8.  Never heard of bottled water for sale in a grocery store.

9. Gasoline was 25 cents per gallon.

10. Cigarette was 20 cents per pack.

11. Most major department stores located on Church Street.
Metro Archives

12. TV, two letters in the alphabet.

13. Home Air conditioning, opening windows and doors.

14. Auto air conditioning, rolling down the car windows.

15. Banana split or milk shake was 15 cents.

16. Lower Broad and 1st Ave. flooded almost every year.
Metro Archives

17. Walking to the middle of the Cumberland River when it was frozen.

L to R, Ernest Oeser, Roy Buck and Robert Oeser, Jan. 27, 1940

18. Loaf of bread was 10 cents.

19. One pound of bacon was 19 cents.

20.  25 or 50 pound block of ice delivered to your home ice box.

21. A piece of paper, pencil and your brain was a computer.

22. All major movies theaters located down town.
Metro Archives

23. Grimes, Gilberts and Krystal Hamburgers  located on the Square.
Metro Archives

24. Coke was 5 cents.

25. Ice cream cone was 5 cents.

26. Krystal hamburgers was 5 cents.

27. Krystal Hamburgers, located on Church St., between 6th Ave. and Capitol Blvd.

28. Tony the Chili King located on Deadrick St. Between  3rd Ave. and 4th Ave,
Nashville Banner

29. Circus came to town near Centennial Park and at Sulpher Dell Ball Park.
Facebook Metro Archives

30. Cool meant the weather had turned chilly.

31. I walked to school and church.

32. Woolworth and Kress located on 5th Ave. between Church St. and Union St.
Metro Archives

33. Candyland  located at the corner of  6th Ave. and Church St.

34. Sears Roebuck located at the corner of  8th Ave. and Church St.
M. Bradley collection

35. Montgomery Ward located on Union St. between  5th Ave. and 6th Ave.

36. Cain-Sloan located at the corner of 5th Ave. and Church St.

Metro Archives

37. Phillips & Burtorff  located on 3rd Ave. between Church St, and Union St.

38. Burke’s located on Church St. between 5th Ave. and 4th Ave.

39. Loveman’s located at the corner of 5th Ave. and Union St.

40. Western Auto located in the downtown area (maybe at the corner of 5th Ave. and Deadrick)

41. Where the Nashville Court House is presently located there was a red court house building. 
      During the spring and summer farmers would bring their produce to the square on Friday
      night and Saturday and park around the court house and sell their produce. This practice
      stopped when the new court house was built.
Mike Slate

42. Yes, the Arcade is still located in the same place, and Walgreen’s is still at the corner of the
      Arcade and  5th Ave.
Yelp - Carson C.

43. VJ Day,  that was an extremely happy day. Church St. was packed with people and cars.
      Gasoline rationing ended. If you had an “A” stamp, you received 4 gallons of gas per week.

44.  You would have to travel 7,000 miles to Bavaria, Germany to see a grown man in short pants.

45.  National Stores located at the corner of Deadrick St. and 3rd Ave.
46.  I played marbles under the plum tree in my back yard.

47.  On summer nights we played kick the can under the street light. 

48. Every Christmas Harvey’s had a nativity scene placed in front of the Parathion.
Facebook Metro Archives

49. At Christmas almost everyone had a live cedar tree for a Christmas tree.

50. Christmas shopping did not begin until after Thanksgiving.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Lizzie Porterfield Elliott

by Debie Oeser Cox
Early History of Nashville 
by Lizzie Porterfield Elliott 

 This book, along with many others,can be read online at google books. 

Miss Lizzie P. Elliott was born on November 20, 1860, daughter of Collins D. and Elizabeth Porterfield Elliott.  Her father was a minister and teacher and a long time president of the Nashville Female Academy.  Miss Elliott graduated from Peabody College for teachers.   She taught for more than thirty years at the Howard School in Nashville.  Miss Elliott died in Nashville on May 13, 1932 and was buried at the Nashville City Cemetery.

left Christmas Card 1930 - right Miss Elliott and a student

Sunday, February 2, 2014

H. G. Hill Grocery


Nashville Globe 1912
1912 Nashville Globe
H. G. Hill

Nashville City Directory 1915

1926 Nashville City Directory
Store Number 4 was at 1037 Jefferson Street.  TSLA
1935 Nashville City Directory

1946 Nashville City Directory
Charlotte at 5th - MNA

1951 Nashville City Directory

Nashville Public Square ca 1952  - NMA

 This data base includes H. G. Hill store location about 1925. 

Street No. Street Name
322 1st Ave North
1000 2nd Ave South
319 3rd Ave North
na 3rd Ave North corner Jefferson
838 4th Ave South
1269 4th Ave South
201 5th Ave South
501 5th Ave North
1200 5th Ave North
1801 5th Ave South
na 5th St., south east corner Main (East Nashville)
800 6th Ave South
na 8th Ave North corner Church
115 8th Avenue North
103 8th Ave South
213 8th Ave South
633 8th Ave South
903 8th Ave South
na 8th Ave South, corner Aklen Ave
na 8th Ave South, corner Douglas Ave
1501 9th Ave North
na 9th Ave North corner Monroe
809 12th Ave South
1201 12th Ave South
2315 12th Ave South
na 12th Ave South, corner Acklen Ave
na 14th Ave North, south east corner Buchanan
1002 16th Ave South
na 17th Ave North, corner Cedar
na 18th Ave North, corner Jefferson
1311 21st Ave South
1813 21st Ave South
na 21st Ave South, corner Grand Ave
na 23rd Ave North, south east corner New Bridge Rd
na 28th Ave North, corner Clifton Rd
na 28th Ave South, corner Ford Ave
na Bordeaux, Tenn., corner Hamilton Rd
2010 Belmont Blvd
3118 Belmont Blvd
329 Broadway
805 Broadway
1203 Broadway
1603 Broadway
1916 Broadway
913 Buchanan
na Carrol, corner Wharf Ave
823 Cedar St. (Charlotte)
na Cedar St. (Charlotte), corner 20th Ave North
4001 Charlotte Ave
4820 Charlotte Ave
603 Church St.
1509 Church St.
2115 Church St.
na End Inglewood car line
1630 Fatherland St. (East Nashville)
321 Foster St. (East Nashville)
na Green St., north east corner Maury
na Hillsboro Rd corner Blair Blvd
1000 Jefferson St.
1139 Jefferson St.
1601 Jefferson St.
1201 Jo Johnston
1625 Jo Johnston
na Keith south west corner Hermitage Ave
99 Lafayette St.
152 Lafayette St.
5011 Louisiana Ave
na Meridian corner Hancock
2423 Nolensville Rd
700 North 1st St. (East Nashville)
1000 North 1st St. (East Nashville)
1236 North 1st St. (East Nashville)
600 North 4th (East Nashville)
na North 4th corner Cleveland (East Nashville)
na North 4th (Lischey), corner Mile End (Douglas)
na Pope Ave corner Granny White Rd
103 Public Square
na South 7th corner Fatherland (East Nashville)
na South 11th corner Fatherland (East Nashville)
na Straightway Ave corner Gallatin Rd (East Nashville)
na Trinity Lane corner Gallatin Rd (East Nashville)
1608 West End Ave
2801 West End Ave
972 Woodland St. (East Nashville)
1401 Woodland St. (East Nashville)
1602 Woodland St. (East Nashville)