Monday, November 30, 2015

Sunny Point and Edgefield Junction

Tennessee Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1876--7

Sunny Point
A hamlet and post office, 9 miles north of Nashville and 3 miles from Madison station on the L&N and G.S.R.R.  It has 200 inhabitants, contains a country store, wagon shop, Baptist church and common school.  Export, fruits.  Mail once per week.  T. L. Raymer, postmaster.

Edgefield Junction
A thriving village of 400 people located on the Cumberland river in the northern part of Davidson county, and the point of junction of the St.L.&S.E. Ry, and the L&N and G.S.R.R., 10 miles north of Nashville.  It has a steam grist and saw mill, some smaller industries and 3 stores, a Roman Catholic church, Colored Baptist church and a common school.  Corn, wheat and other grain are marketed.  Settled in 1864.  Telegraph, Western Union.  Express, Adams and Southern. Mail daily.  James Galvin, postmaster.

1871 Map Davidson County
Edgefield Junction is shown on the map portion above.  I have not located another reference to Sunny Point.  Three miles north of Madison Station would be just north of where J. E. Sloan is noted on the map, about where the School house is.  This would be near the original location of Amqui Station.  The Amqui Station of today is actually located near the original Madison Station.