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Militia Companies, Davidson County, Tenn. 1836

Following is a list of those appointed to compile lists of taxable property in their district. In 1836 counties districts were designated as militia companies rather than by number. The name of the person appointed is given as well as the name of the Captain of the Militia Company district.The able bodied free adult men who lived within these companies or districts were part of the militia, to be called upon if needed by county officials for protection of Davidson County.

Records of Davidson County Court, Page 61, October Sessions 1836

The court appoints the following Gentlemen Justices to take in Lists of Taxable property in different Militia Companies in Davidson County for the year 1836 to wit:

Thomas W. Sharon Esquire in Captain Dennis Dozier’ Company
Thomas Hickman Esquire in Captain Michael C. Ellis’ Company
William James Esquire in Captain James Yarborough’ Company
Allen Knight Esquire in Captain Lewis Morgan’ Company
John C. Bowen Esquire in Captain David Ralston’ Company
Enoch P. Connell Esquire in Captain Stephen C. Bowers’ Company
John J. Hinton Esquire in Captain James Faulkner’ Company
Edmond Goodrich Esquire in Captain John E. Menees’ Company
William Williams Esquire in Captain Alanson Brown’ Company   
William Faulkner Esquire in Captain John Patterson’ Company
James H. Foster Esquire in Captain William Bennett’ Company
Edward H. East Esquire in Captain Henry Sangster’ Company
Thomas Bell Esquire in Captain John Surls’ Company
Joseph W. Clay Esquire in Captain Robert S. Hill’ Company
William Donelson Esquire in Captain Stokley Donelson’ Company
George M. Charlton Esquire in Captain Gilpin Hallum’  Company
William Ramsey Esquire in Captain Thomas Lynch’ Company
Enoch Ensley Esquire in Captain James Rains’ Company
James Thompson Esquire in Captain Joel A. Battle’ Company
William H. Nance Esquire in Captain Josiah C. Nance’ Company
Joseph T. Elliston Esquire in Captain Frederick Harwell’ Company
Francis McGavock Esquire in Captain ____ Moseley’ Company
Philip Campbell Esquire in Captain Willis White’ Company
John Davis Esquire in Captain James Crowder’ Company
John Berry Esquire in Captain Alexander Allison’ Company
Thomas Ferebee Esquire in Captain Franklin Shelton’ Company
William Shelton Esquire in Captain James R. Allen’ Company
Thomas Scott Esquire in Captain McIlwaine’ Company
William L. Willis Esquire in Captain Alexander Kerr’ Company
H. R. W. Hill Esquire in Captain Jacob Brasher’ Company
William M. Berryhill Esquire in Captain George Ament’ Company
John Wright Esquire in Captain Joseph Litton’ Company
Robert Farquharson Esquire in Captain J. P. H. Vest’ Company
John P. Erwin Esquire in Captain Peter Cox’ Company
Joseph Norvell Esquire in Captain Michael E. DeGrove’ Company
Elihu S. Hall Esquire in Captain Jeremiah Dotson’ Company 

 This is a link to the 1812 militia companies and includes name of those taxed. 1812 Davidson County

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Fatherland at 17th

On the southwest corner of Fatherland Street in East Nashville sits a nice commercial building that is a great example of what can happen with restoration and re-purposing. When so many buildings are being demolished this one looks to a bright future.

1628-1630 Fatherland Street, google image 2012.

The official address of the building is 1628 Fatherland. The lot is designated as lot 86 in the A.V. S. Lindsley subdivision plat, as recorded in Chancery Plan Book 2, page 24. The plat shows lot 86 at the corner of Priest Avenue, now 17th and Van Sinderin Street, now Fatherland Street.

A.V. S. Lindsley subdivision plat, as recorded in Chancery Plan Book 2, page 2.

Over the years it was often 1628 and 1630 with two storefronts. For many years one storefront was occupied by a pharmacy and the other by a grocery.  The Hopkins Atlas of Nashville shows the lot was empty in 1908. In January of 1910, Millard F. Fry purchased this lot from Benjamin Enloe for $750. By 1912 Mr. Fry and his brother Sherman were operating a grocery at 1628-1630 Fatherland Street, according to the Nashville City Directory. The building had two storefronts and is probably the building on the site today. It was built about 1910. Lot 86 was 50 feet wide and the sides varied  slightly in length, about 145 feet, with an alley to the rear.

Atlas of Nashville, 1908. A red X marks lot 86, 1628 Fatherland, showing an empty lot.

For several years Fry Bros is listed as 1628-1630. In 1916, there are two businesses, 1630 was Fry Bros. and 1628 was Park Drugs. Fry Bros is there through 1918. In the 1920 directory we find H G Hill at the 1630 Fatherland address for the first time. H. G. Hill Company opened their first grocery store in 1895, in downtown Nashville. By 1920, when they moved into the building at 1628-1630 Fatherland Street the H. G. Hill Company owned many stores around Nashville. They leased the building for a few years. In 1923, H. G. Hill purchased the store building from M. F. Fry and his wife Fannie.

Davidson County Deed Book 612, page 453. M. F. Fry to H. G. Hill Company

Through 1945, a pharmacy operated in the smaller store front at 1628, but in the same building. H G Hill closed this location in the early 1950's. In 1955, Red Byrd Grocery was located in this building.

Summary of listings from Nashville City Directories

In 1910 there is no 1628 or 1630 Fatherland Street, indicating there was no building.

1912 - 1628-1630 Fry Bros. Grocers

1916 – 1628 Park Drugs; 1630 Fry Bros. Grocers

1917 - 1628 Vacant; 1630 Fry Bros. Grocers

1918 - 1628 Vacant; 1630 Fry Bros. Grocers

1920 - Sweetland Cash Meat Market; 1630 H. G. Hill

1924 – 1628 Hagan's Pharmacy; 1630 H. G. Hill

1930 – 1628 Cook-Peery Drug Co.; 1630 H. G. Hill

1935 - 1628 Charles Brooks, Jr. Drugs; 1630 H. G. Hill

1940 - 1628 Charles Brooks, Jr. Drugs; 1630 H. G. Hill

1945 - 1628 Charles Brooks, Jr. Drugs; 1630 H. G. Hill

1950 – 1628 no; 1630 H. G. Hill

1955 - 1628 no; 1630 Red Byrd Grocery

1958 – 1628 no; 1630 Wright's Bi-Rite