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Arrington St. neighbors 1960 City Directory #300 -#514

These lists are of residents of Northeast Nashville in the year 1960.

Each Street is a separate post. Check the list on the left side for others.

ARRINGTON—From 813 Meridian, east to N 6th

300 Sadler Mary D Mrs
302 Black Chas D signpntr
304 Vaughn Dillard D
306 Tipps Melvin
307 Butrum Leo L
308 Reese Annie Mrs
308 Henry Luke
309 Alsup Woodford B
310 No Return
310a Yeargin John E
310b Vacant
311 Stephens Lucille Mrs
312 Payne Jas C
312 Campbell Wm G
313 Aldridge Jodie L
314 Wade Jesse H
315 Rogers Mary L Mrs
316 Smith Lula B Mrs
317 Johnson Jas S
318 Morris Chas D
319 Elliott Andrew C
319 Denton H W
320 Davis Geo T

N 3d ends
321 Morphis Chas M
322 Claude J Harlan
323 Vacant
324 Goodman Paul
325 Howlett Horace P
326 Arrington St Cumberland Presby Ch
327 Jamison Richd E
328 Denton Ezra C
329 McMillen Sallie Mrs
330 Hawkins Chas R
331 Meade Chas E
333 Bullard Ida C Mrs
333 Hallum Billy

N 4th intersects
N 5th intersects
500 Ridley Donald G trash remover
502 Sims Harvey R
502 Teamer Chas C
504 Francisco Anceo M
505 Shaw Morris A
506 Curry Robt L Rev
507 Stack Bertha A Mrs
508 Northern Freddie
509 Taylor John W
510 Tuck Muriel
511 McKnight Jesse
512 Grfffith Mahlon J
513 Clark Raymond J
514 Lee Sinclair

N 6th intersects

Click the street name to see a scan of the directory page for Arrington

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