Saturday, December 24, 2011

North 2nd Court Neighbors, 1960 Directory, #208 - #237

2nd COURT N—From L&NRR, north to 210 Spring, 1 east of N 2nd

208 Gibson Walter L
210 Murphy D C
2l2 Rowland Henry L
216 Dickens Oscar T
rear Dennis Julia D Mrs
219 Roberts Chas W
221-23 Jackson Wm L
222 Adams Ernest
224 Beckham Elgin C
226 Smith Robt S
227 Jackson Ornar L
229 Roberson Johnie C
230 Gilliland Frances Mrs
231 Furlow Louise
233 Walker Frances
235 Vacant
237 Wallace Wm V
rear Vacant

Spring intersects

Click the name of the street to view the scanned direcytory page N 2nd Ct

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