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Northeast Nashville in the 1924 Nashville City Driectory

These links are to a website that has the 1924 Nashville City Directory pages scanned and online. This is not my site. I have posted the links to Northeast Nashville Streets. If your family lived there way back then, you can look for them. My grandfather, Ernest Oeser, is listed at 1022 Pennock. If you find your street, but no street number, it means that nothing has been built on that lot. In a case where a house spans two lots, occasionally the street number will change from one lot to the other. As an example, in the 900, 1000 and 1100 blocks of Stockell Street there are only a few street numbers listed. The houses in these blocks were just starting to be built and only a few lots had houses on them. The same is true for the east side of Meridian Street. There are only four houses in the 900 and 1000 block on the east side, while most of the lots on the west side have houses on them. If you see a street missing I will find it and post the link. If you are interested in a street outside of the area, I will find it and send you the link. Click the name of the street to view the page. If the street is not clickable, it means there were no house numbers listed on the street or that it was outside the city limits.
Northeast Nashville Streets 1924 –
Childers (no numbers listed)
Douglas (see Ligon and Mile End) (Outside City Limits)
Evanston (see Childers)
Ligon (now Douglas) (outside city limits)
Lischey (see North 4th)
Mile End – (outside city limits)
North 1st (listed as First N)
North 1st(2) (listed as First N)
North 2nd (listed as Second N)
North 3rd (listed as Third N)
North 3rd(2) (listed as Third N)
North 4th (listed as Fourth N) (see Lischey)
North 4th(2) (listed as Fourth N) (see Lischey)
North 5th (listed as Fifth N)
North 6th (listed as Sixth N)
Richardson (no numbers listed)

A usual, I learned some new things about the neighborhood while researching this week.

Berry Street was supposedly named for John Berry McFerrin, who owned property adjacent to the street. However deeds show that the street was already named Berry when he bought the land.

Truetlen was the maiden name of the property developer's wife Cornelia Bryan.   John W. Bryan made a deed of gift to his wife and gave her maiden name in the deed.

Grace was named for Grace Scales and had previously been named Kent and Josephine.

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