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All of the newspaper snippets came from a search at for Nashville at the worlds historical newspaper archives.

Nashville Tenn., Dec. 4,1874. Editor Pacific Appeal : Can you furnish any information of the whereabouts of Nathaniel H. Dunlap, formerly of San Francisco, Cal., if so, please inform. Respectfully yours, John J. Cary. Nashville, Tenn.
Pacific Appeal, 12 December 1874

A Narrow Escape.
Nashville, Tenn, December 24th.— Baxter Court, the handsomest office building in Nashville, was burned to-night. The loss was $100,000. Judge Matt. W. Allen was at work on the sixth floor when the fire started, and managed to fight his way to the second floor through the smoke and flames, where the firemen rescued him. He was seriously burned.
Daily Alta California, 25 December 1888

Death of an Ex-Governor.
Nashville (Term.), Nov. 4.—Ex-Governor Albert S. Marks died suddenly at the Maxwell House early this morning.
Sacramento Daily Union, 5 November 1891
Fire in Nashville.
Nashville, Tenn., March 10.—Fire tonight in the establishment of Orr, Scoggins & Hume did damage to the extent of $50,00
Los Angeles Herald, 11 March 1893

A Nashville Bank Collapses.
Nashville, Term., Jane 13. — The Nashville Savings company, Thomas S. Marr, president, the oldest financial institution in Nashville, filed articles of assignment tonight. The liabilities are placed at $220,000, and assets, according to the president's estimate, will pay not more than 25 or 30 per cent.
Los Angeles Herald, 14 June 1893

Another American Bank Goes.
The First National Bank of Nashville, Tennessee, has failed for one million dollars.
Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal, Friday 11 August 1893

Consecrated Bishop of Nashville.
Nashville. Term., July 25.— At St. Joseph's Church to-day Right Rev. Thomas S. Byrne, the newly appointed Bishop of the diocese of Nashville, was consecrated with very impressive ceremonies. Archbishop Eller of Cincinnati conducted the services and Bishop Rademache of Fort Wayne preached the consecration service.
San Francisco Call, 26 July 1894

Shot and Killed Accidentally.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct. 20.—Information of a fatal accident that will cause some disarrangement of the plans for the launching of the gunboats Nashville and Wilmington at Newport News. Va., tomorrow, reached the Navy Department this morning. It was that William Guild, the son of the Mayor of Nashville, was accidentally shot and killed at Nashville yesterday.
San Francisco Call, 21 October 1895

The Nashville Show
NASHVILLE. May 10.—The attendance at the Nashville centennial exposition today was not large, owing to the threatening weather. At the mothers' convention, Mrs. yan Leer Klrkman of this city presided. Mrs. M. Fleming of Chicago, Mrs. Walter Farabee of Memphis, Mrs. Josephine Locke of Chicago and Mr. F. Hopklnson Smith of New York delivered addresses. Recitations were given by Miss Patee of Chicago and Miss Fleming, Mrs. G. H. Thurston of Nashville and Miss Clara Conway of this city.
Los Angeles Herald, 11 May 1897

McKinley Will Visit Nashville.
NASHVILLE, May lit.—President John W. Thomas of the Tennessee Exposition Company received a letter today from President William McKinley stating that he would visit the Centennial Exposition on Ohio Day in July.
Sacramento Daily Union, 14 May 1897

Darius Green Eclipsed
NASHVILLE, May 14.—Prof. A. W. Barnard, who made an ascension in an airship from the grounds of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, landed near Madison Station, 11 miles from thla city and returned home today.
Los Angeles Herald, 15 May 1897

Nashville's Guest
WASHINGTON, May 20.-The president has finally decided to go to the Nashville exposition next month. He has fixed on the 12th as the date.
Los Angeles Herald, 21 May 1897

Nashville Weather
NASHVILLE, Term.. August 30.—The heat broke the record yesterday. If the government reports shown were correct the temperature was 100 degrees at II o'clock. No prostrations are reported.
Los Angeles Herald, 31 August 1897

Nashville Exposition
NASHVILLE, Term., Oct. 24.—Last week's attendance broke all previous records at the Tennessee centennial exposition, 110,927 being the registered admissions. This, the closing week, is expected from all indications, to far exceed in attendance last week.
Los Angeles Herald, 25 October 1897

Women Debarred.
NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 26.— The Tennessee Supreme Court at Jackson today decided that women cannot practice law before any court of Tennessee. Judges Wilkes and Caldwell dissented.
San Francisco Call, 27 June 1900

Nashville Growth
Washington, Sept. 6.—The population of Nashville, Tenn. is 80,865, as against ; 76,158 in 1890, an increase of 4.097, or 6.17 per cent.
Los Angeles Herald, 7 September 1900

Convicts Killed
Nashville. Tenn . Dec. 1. —Four convicts, were killed andseveral others injured this afternoon by the falling of a wall at the old prison.
Los Angeles Herald, 2 December 1900

Disastorious Blaze
NASHVILLE. Tenn., Sept. 10.—Fire today resulted in the death of William Smith, the injury of eight others and damage to property to the extent of $125,000
Los Angles Herald 9 September 1903

Victims Numbered Thirteen
NASHVILLE. Tenn., Dec. 21.—The last of the bodies that were reported missing were recovered today from the ruins of the dormitory at Walden University. The total loss of life by Friday night's fire now placed at thirteen.
Los Angeles Herald, 22 December 1903

Tennessee Fire
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. Cl.—The Tennessee Central shops liere were burned tonight. Loss $320,000
Los Angeles Herald, 1 Jan 1904

Fire Destroys Freight Sheds
By Associated Press. NASHVILLE. Oct. 19— Fire today destroyed the new freight sheds and contents of the Nashville. Chattanooga & St. Louis railway. Loss (200,000)
Los Angeles Herald, 20 October 1904

200 Radnor Girls

San Francisco Call, 10 June 1909

The Majestic Theater in Nashville, Tenn. Has now been completed and will shortly open to the public.  The house is owned by A. N. Johnson, a leading Negro theatrical man of the south, and will cater to colored folks only.
The New York Clipper Feb 24, 1912

Thirteen Persons Are Seriously Hurt in Accident NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 27.—Thirteen persons were seriously hurt this afternoon when a streetcar in which they were passengers plunged over a 20 foot embankment in Shelby Avenue.
San Francisco Call, 28 July 1912

Nashville Open Again
The influenza ban on theaters and public gatherings here has been lifted by public health order. The half-score movie houses together with the Auditorium, one of the Lynch circuit houses, will open their doors again this week.
The New York Clipper Mar 03, 1920

The Rex, Nashville, Tenn. New motion picture house, owned and operated by William Wessman & associates, opens about April 1.
The New York Clipper, March 30, 1912

NASHVILLE Tennessee September 4: Byron Nelson won the 10,000 dollars Nashville invitational tournament with 269. 'fifteen strokes below par, defeating Jug McSpaden by one stroke. Nelson scored 64, 67, 68, 79. 
Townsville Daily Bulletin, Wednesday 6 September 1944

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