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H. G. Hill Grocery


Nashville Globe 1912
1912 Nashville Globe
H. G. Hill

Nashville City Directory 1915

1926 Nashville City Directory
Store Number 4 was at 1037 Jefferson Street.  TSLA
1935 Nashville City Directory

1946 Nashville City Directory
Charlotte at 5th - MNA

1951 Nashville City Directory

Nashville Public Square ca 1952  - NMA

 This data base includes H. G. Hill store location about 1925. 

Street No. Street Name
322 1st Ave North
1000 2nd Ave South
319 3rd Ave North
na 3rd Ave North corner Jefferson
838 4th Ave South
1269 4th Ave South
201 5th Ave South
501 5th Ave North
1200 5th Ave North
1801 5th Ave South
na 5th St., south east corner Main (East Nashville)
800 6th Ave South
na 8th Ave North corner Church
115 8th Avenue North
103 8th Ave South
213 8th Ave South
633 8th Ave South
903 8th Ave South
na 8th Ave South, corner Aklen Ave
na 8th Ave South, corner Douglas Ave
1501 9th Ave North
na 9th Ave North corner Monroe
809 12th Ave South
1201 12th Ave South
2315 12th Ave South
na 12th Ave South, corner Acklen Ave
na 14th Ave North, south east corner Buchanan
1002 16th Ave South
na 17th Ave North, corner Cedar
na 18th Ave North, corner Jefferson
1311 21st Ave South
1813 21st Ave South
na 21st Ave South, corner Grand Ave
na 23rd Ave North, south east corner New Bridge Rd
na 28th Ave North, corner Clifton Rd
na 28th Ave South, corner Ford Ave
na Bordeaux, Tenn., corner Hamilton Rd
2010 Belmont Blvd
3118 Belmont Blvd
329 Broadway
805 Broadway
1203 Broadway
1603 Broadway
1916 Broadway
913 Buchanan
na Carrol, corner Wharf Ave
823 Cedar St. (Charlotte)
na Cedar St. (Charlotte), corner 20th Ave North
4001 Charlotte Ave
4820 Charlotte Ave
603 Church St.
1509 Church St.
2115 Church St.
na End Inglewood car line
1630 Fatherland St. (East Nashville)
321 Foster St. (East Nashville)
na Green St., north east corner Maury
na Hillsboro Rd corner Blair Blvd
1000 Jefferson St.
1139 Jefferson St.
1601 Jefferson St.
1201 Jo Johnston
1625 Jo Johnston
na Keith south west corner Hermitage Ave
99 Lafayette St.
152 Lafayette St.
5011 Louisiana Ave
na Meridian corner Hancock
2423 Nolensville Rd
700 North 1st St. (East Nashville)
1000 North 1st St. (East Nashville)
1236 North 1st St. (East Nashville)
600 North 4th (East Nashville)
na North 4th corner Cleveland (East Nashville)
na North 4th (Lischey), corner Mile End (Douglas)
na Pope Ave corner Granny White Rd
103 Public Square
na South 7th corner Fatherland (East Nashville)
na South 11th corner Fatherland (East Nashville)
na Straightway Ave corner Gallatin Rd (East Nashville)
na Trinity Lane corner Gallatin Rd (East Nashville)
1608 West End Ave
2801 West End Ave
972 Woodland St. (East Nashville)
1401 Woodland St. (East Nashville)
1602 Woodland St. (East Nashville)

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