Thursday, June 19, 2014

The First Ferry - Shaw's

Records of Davidson County Court July Term 1784

Ferry Established at Nashville

On a motion made by James Shaw to have the keeping of a Ferry on Cumberland River at Nashville.  The court whereupon orders that the said Shaw keep a Ferry at the place aforesaid with good and sufficient boats and well attended for the passage of such as are desirous of crossing the said River &c.

And for which services he shall take the following fees and no more.

To Wit:  One Shilling for a man and horse

              One Shilling for every pack horse and pack.

     For a lead horse without a pack eight pence.

     For every footman six pence.

     For every head of horned cattle six pence.

     For every head of sheep and hogs four pence.

Davidson County Court Minute Book A, page 26

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