Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Inglewood Railroad Trestle.

NES Collection, Nashville Public Library, 2011

Gallatin Pike near the railroad trestle in Inglewood looking north. On the right you can see just a bit of the old Hudson's sign. Hudson's was a gas station and a restaurant and was still there at least into the late 1970's. Gasoline was 16 cents a gallon. Gallatin Pike was 2 lanes and the old interurban tracks run along and merge under the bridge. My go to auto person says the cars and trucks are very early mid teens to early 20's. At the bottome right of the photo is the date May 11. 1929. This photo was in an exhibit at the Nashville Public Library of a Nashville Electric Service Collection in 2011. I made a photo of this image which was framed and hanging on the wall. It came out better than expected. I have posted this photo face book, as well.

Close up of 1929 photo.

Recent view from google maps.