Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lischey-Avenue and Meridian-Street Car.

The Wayne hand-book of Nashville, and the Tennessee centennial exposition

Lischey-Avenue and Meridian-Street Car. —Route: From terminal station around Public Square, across Cumberland Bridge, First street, Oldham, North Second, Foster, Third, Treutland street and Lischey avenue to Joy’s Floral Gardens. Also from Foster street, on Meridian and Wilburn street to Lischey avenue, passing Caldwell School, E. & N. Mfg. Co., East Nashville Depot, McFerrin Memorial Methodist Church, McNeilly Presbyterian, Foster-Street Christian, North Edgefield Baptist and Second Edgefield Cumberland Presbyterian to Lischey’s and Joy’s Floral Gardens. Returns same route.

North Edgefield 1908 Hopkin's Atlas

Caldwell School - North Edgefield

Edgefield and Nashville Manufacturing Company

North Edgefield Baptist Church, Meridian Street - TSLA

Lischey Floral Gardens


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