Friday, January 8, 2016

Traffic Lights in Davidson County in 1954

Traffic Lights in Davidson County in 1954.  All of the intersections listed, were outside the city limits of Nashville, until those limits were removed in 1963.  Today, both Nashville and Davidson County, are under the umbrella of Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

Street Cross Street No. 
Hillsboro Pike Woodmont Blvd 1
Franklin Pike Thompson Lane 2
Harding Pike White Bridge Road 3
Nolensville Pike Thompson Lane 4
Granny White Pike Woodmont Blvd 5
White's Creek Pike Old Hickory Blvd 6
Gallatin Pike Trinity Lane & McGavock Pike 7
Gallatin Pike in Madison 8
Murfreesboro Pike Smith Springs Road 9
Hydes Ferry Pike 26th Avenue North 10
Woodlawn Drive Bowling Avenue 11
Woodmont Blvd Lealand Lane 12
Dickerson Pike Two Mile Pike (Goodlettsville) 13
Old Hickory Blvd 22nd Street 14
Lebanon Pike Donelson Pike 15
Murfreesboro Pike Donelson Pike 16
Nolensville Pike McCall Street 17
Lebanon Pike McGavock Pike 18
Murfreesboro Pike Thompson Lane 19
Gallatin Pike Two Mile Pike  20
Dickerson Pike Old Hickory Blvd 21
Woodmont Blvd Belmont Blvd 22
Woodmont Blvd Franklin Pike 23
18th Ave. No & Clay St. Hwy. No. 112 24
Murfreesboro Pike Fraklin Limestone Rd 25
Gallatin Pike Ben Allen Road 26
Gallatin Pike Riverwood Drive 27
Gallatin Pike Haysboro Avenue 28
Gallatin Pike Due West Avenue 29
Gallatin Pike Old Hickory Blvd 30
Gallatin Pike Delmas Avenue 31
Murfreesboro Pike Highland Sanitorium Road 32
Dickerson Pike Francis Avenue 33
Dickerson Pike Lindberg Avenue 34
Hillsboro Pike Woodlawn Drive 35
Franklin Pike Old Hickory Blvd 36
Dickerson Pike Trinity Lane 37
Charlotte Pike White Bridge Road 38
Lebanon Pike Stewart's Ferry Pike 39
Murfreesboro Pike Elm Hill Pike 40
McGavock Pike Riverside Drive 41
Woodmont Blvd Estes Road 42
Fowler Street Main Factory in Old Hickory 43
Trinity Lane Jones Avenue 44
Hillsboro Pike Hobbs Road 45
Murfreesboro Pike Foster Avenue 46
Gallatin Pike Neely's Bend Road 47
Glendale Lane Granny White Pike 48
Gallatin Pike Ardee Street 49
Estes Avenue Hobbs Road 50
Estes Avenue Abott Martin 51
Riverside Drive Porter Road 52
White's Creek Pike Trinity Lane 53
Hillsboro Pike Crestmoor Road 54
White Bridge Road Corbitt Lane 55
Thompson Lane Bransford Avenue 56
Thompson Lane Powell Avenue 57
Murfreesboro Pike Polk Avenue 58
Woodmont Blvd Harding Pike 59
Clarksville Pike Buena Vista Pike 60
Hillsboro Pike Harding Place 61
Robertson Road Urbandale Street 62
Nolensville Pike Elysian Fields Road 63


  1. Many of the county traffic signals had red on the top and green in the middle. Both red and green would be illuminated for a few seconds when the signal was changing from green to red. The bottom lens was either yellow or red and served as a blinking light after 10:00 pm. I know these existed in 1957 but they mostly gone by 1960.

  2. BTW: Old Hickory Blvd and Franklin Pike was only a blinker. Brentwood was only a wide spot in the road. There was no signal at Harding Road and Woodmont Blvd. when my family moved to Nashville in the spring of 1957.

  3. I may have been the person that requested this... dont know who else would of. This was an incredible history that filled in many blanks and just maybe I can take it to another level with this information... Thank you so much for such details regarding the Hunters lane area. Great job!


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