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McIntyre Floral Company

1918 Dodge Delivery Truck,  Private Collection in Possession of L. P. Center

McIntyre Floral Company had its start with Daniel McIntyre, Sr. in the late 1850's. Daniel was born in 1830 in Scotland and made his way to Davidson County by the mid-1850's.  In 1856 Daniel bought a lot on Hillsboro Pike a few miles from town and a few years later he purchased five adjoining acres.  The property was on Hillsboro Rd, about three miles from the courthouse.

1871 Foster Map of Davidson County, showing location of McIntyre property.

By 1864, Daniel was selling his produce to the public. It was a one man gardening operation and McIntyre sold vegetables and flowers from his wagon on the public square. He was soon well known for his beautiful flowers. McIntyre was sought after for his Marechal Neil and Lamarque roses. The greenhouses were located on the McIntyre property. Daniel McIntyre, Sr. died in 1903. His children carried on with the floral business in the style of McIntyre Bros.

The Tennessean, April 18, 1930

In 1912, Daniel, Jr., Thomas, Nellie, and William McIntyre incorporated as McIntyre Floral Company and purchased a house at 1502 Broadway. The house was remodeled to suit the business and a storefront was added. In 1919, the business moved the greenhouses from Hillsboro Rd to Woodcrest, just off of Nolensville Rd.

1502 Broadway, Florist's Review, Vol. 35, 1915

The McIntyre Floral Company was successful and operated for about  85 years. In 1945, the company's assets were liquidated. The greenhouses and the eight acres on which they were located were sold.  The store at 1502 Broadway was also sold. Today, the address is just west of 15th Avenue South, on the south side of Broadway and is used as a storage lot for new cars.

The Tennessean, July 8, 1945

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  1. Daniel was my Great Grandfather. My Grandfather was Thomas who became a CPA. Beth and Margaret Boyd are also Grandchildren of Thomas.


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