Monday, February 20, 2012

Gallatin Pike 1950 - 1980 - Businesses and Residents

Inglewood City Directory Listings along Gallatin Pike, 1950 - 1980

This link is to a compilation of address listings along Gallatin Pike from the city limits in 1950 at Cahal/Carolyn out to just past where Briley Parkway crosses Gallatin Pike today. Because the directories were split into city and suburban by 1960 the listings start at Litton Avenue in that year and at McGavock Pike in the following years. Eventually I hope to add the listings for the addresses that are missing, from other directory volumes, in 1960 and after. Often I entered residence rather than the actual name given if the resident was the same. Business names are listed as I found them. In some decades there were several listings for a single address and others there was only one. Occasionally an address [street number] disappears from the directories. Those are marked as na. This does not mean the address no longer existed, it may simply have moved into a different volume of the directories.

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  1. Thank you for the listing of home/land owners along Gallatin Road. I found my grandfather's name, Wilson Arrington Scoggins, listed. I have grand memories of their home and family from those years spent on Gallatin Road. My family had it's roots in Inglewood and I proudly still live here. Thank you Debie


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