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AN ACT To regulate theatrical exhibitions

To regulate theatrical exhibitions, and prevent gaming

Sec I. BE it enacted by the Mayor and Aldermen of the corporation
of the town of Nashville,
That no person shall exhibit within the
limits of this corporation, any theatrical performances of any kind or
description, or any puppet shew, tumbling, rope or wiredancing,
balancing, or deceptions of any kind, or any representation or shew
whatever, whether fictitcious or real, for the shew or exhibition of
which compensation is demanded, without first obtaining a license from
the Mayor of this corporation; and in no case shall such permission be
granted until the person or persons applying for the same shall pay into
the hands of the Mayor or Recorder the sum of twenty dollars, for the
use of this corporation, and the further sum of two dollars to the
Recorder, for making out and procuring a license from the Mayor; and if
any person shall attempt to shew or exhibit any theatrical performance,
puppet shew, tumbling, rope or wiredancing, balancing, or deception as
aforesaid, without first having obtained a license as aforesaid, he or
they so offending, shall forfeit and pay for each offence, the sum of
fifty dollars.

Sec. 2. Be it enacted, That no person or persons shall erect or
establish any gaming table, or wheel of the description commonly called
or known by appellations of the wheel of fortune, equality, black & red,
or any other name or denomination whatever, within the limits of this
corporation, under the penalty of fifty dollars for every twenty-four
hours, or lesser period, such gaming table or wheel shall be kept up.

Sec. 3. Be it enacted, That if any tavern keeper, or other
house holder within the limits of this corporation, shall suffer or
permit any of the heretofore mentioned gaming tables or wheels to be
erected, established, or kept up; Provided that nothing herein contained
shall be construed to extend to back gammon tables.

Sec. 4. Be it enacted, That all fines imposed by this act,
shall be recovered in the name, and for the use of this corporation,
before any jurisdiction having cognizance thereof.

Passed November the eighth, one thousand eight hundred & six.
Jno. Anderson, Recorder.

Published March 15, 2006

NOTICE: This page was transcribed from a photocopied page from the 1806 Acts of Tennessee at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. 6/26/2005

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