Thursday, July 11, 2013

Aunt Sue's 100th Birthday

For many years I worked as a volunteer (1987-1996), and was later employed (1996-2013) at Metro Nashville Archives.  Virginia Lyle, the Metro Archivist, was appointed by Mayor Richard Fulton, to gather records and create an archives to serve Metro Nashville and to preserve the historical records of Nashville and Davidson County.  For a history buff and an amateur family historian, the archives was a wonderland.  Vital records, court minutes, maps, photographs, and newspapers were just a part of what I found there.  The newspapers alone were an amazing collection.  Dating back to the early 19th century, bound volumes of most newspapers published in Nashville, filled an entire room, of shelves, from floor to ceiling.  I spent hours at times, just going through the volumes, page by page and taking notes of obituaries, marriage notices and other tidbits, that would be of interest to a genealogist.  One group of bound volumes was of the Tennessean Magazine covering a span of years from 1946 to 1975.  An insert in the Tennessean Sunday addition, the publication was full of local interest stories and photos of babies and children and advertisements for local businesses.  In a February, 1949 issue, I came across an article about my grandfather's aunt, Sue Wheeler Rieves.  There were several photos to accompany the article, and I spotted my grandfather, Ernest Oeser in a couple.

The following article was published in the Tennessean Magazine on February 14, 1949.  Click each photo to enlarge for viewing. 

Names found in the news article, Mrs. Lucy Evans, T. B. Hill, Sr., Ann Mercer Jackson, Kimbro's store, Mrs. Will Mullins, Mrs. George Richards, Celetee Cook Rieves, Peter Franklin Rieves, Susan Wheeler Rieves, William Cook Rieves, Jennie Wheeler Shacklett, Elijah D. Wheeler, Elijah James Wheeler, Eliza Ferguson Wheeler, T. J. M. Wheeler and William R. Wheeler.

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