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Graduates of Nashville Schools 1860-1888

Graduates of the Nashville Public Schools 1860-1888


Fifth Annual Report of the Public Schools of the City of Nashville 1859-60

Candidates for admission to the High School must be, at least, twelve years of age, and pass a satisfactory examination in Spelling, Reading, Writing, English Grammar, Geography, Mental and Written Arithmatic, History of the United States, Watts on the Mind, and lessons in Composition. Those entering the Classical Department must be acquainted with the rudiments of Latin.

Candidates for admission to the High School in June 1859. Agnes Thompson; Martha J. Couch; Alexander P. Crutcher; Charles H. Eastman; Nelson T. Freeman; Charles B. Cooley; Laura A. Gardner; John W. Morton; Isaac T. Rhea; Henry H. Dorris; Andrew Allison; William F. Bang; Thomas L. Elliott; Josiah W. Perry; Benjamin C. Ford; S. Thompson Hill; Henry A. Nelson; B. Fenton Holcomb; Paul F. Wagner; Mary L. Anderson; Alonzo C. Campbell; Arthur C. Rogers; John P. W. Brown; J. Walter Scott; William B. Ross; T. T. Player Martin; Alexander Allison.

Candidates for admission to the High School in June 1860. Samuel S. Fauntleroy; Emily Pitman; Lizzie Brien; Margaret Smith; Mary Van Lew; Sarah Freeman; Wm. W. Knox; Catherine Heriges; Margaret Barr; Melissa Alexander; Lamiza A. Cartwright; Charles Percy; Julia French; Maria Roberts; J. Preston Player; John W. Coleman; Edward Maguire; Charles K. Winston; Martin Currey; Florence Bugg; Alice Roberts; Mary Winston; Lizzie Hereford; Mary Haley; Agnes Ellis; John R. Turner; Eleanora Snowden; Isaac Waterfield; Rosa Musgrove; Thomas J. Stovers; Charles P. Phillips; Anna B. Harff; Geo. T. M. Wright; Margaret Ramage; James A. Knox; Martha Spencer; Jennette Jacobson; Henry T. Yeatman; William C. Hurt; James H. Shankland; Phillip D. Mallory; Julian Cooley; Yeatman Anderson; Joseph E. Harris; Martha Corbitt; Thos. S. Hays; Alex G. Turner; Morris Powers; Edwin S. Gardner; Robert H. Howell; William E. Eastman; Mary Cook; Victoria Moffatt; Edwin S. Smith; Silas M. Ward."

"The following persons have completed your prescribed English and Classical course and they are entitled to your certificates of graduation: William A. Brien; Alexander O. Dorris; Godfrey M. Fogg; Thomas S. Fauntleroy; Thomas H. Hamilton; Joseph W. Yeatman; Miss Lizzie Nichol.

The manner is which they acquitted themselves at their final examination is too fresh in your memories to need comment from me. Young Brien, Fogg and Yeatman have entered Yale College very reputably, and as I learn are successful in their College studies. Miss Nichol is the only young lady who has completed the full course of High School studies. She carries with her our confidence as a ripe scholar and has our best wishes for her future prosperity. Your High School has now attained to an age that classes will graduate annually, and we trust this institution will continue to send out students who shall compare favorably with schools of a similar kind.

Respectfully submitted, by J. F. Pearl, Sup�t of Pub. Schools, Nashville, Tenn.

Nashville, Oct 18, 1860.

Annual Report of the Board of Education of the City of Nashville for the scholastic year 1887-88


Miss Lizzie Nichol; William A. Brian; Alex O. Dorris; Thomas S. Fauntleroy; Godfrey M. Fogg; Thomas H. Hamiton; Joseph W. Yeatman.
Boys, 6; Girls, 1; total, 7.
John S. Knox
Miss Carrie Anderson, Valedictorian; Miss Laura Bailey; Miss Gussie Larcombe; Miss Callie Lumsden; Miss Mary Williams; Aaron Heims.
Boys, 1; Girls, 5; total, 6.
Early in 1870 the Board of Education, in it's policy of retrenchment, dismissed the Senior Class of the High School, but granted it's members dipolmas in February 1870.
Miss Julia Blackman; Miss Augusta Gattinger; Miss Jessie Latimer; Miss Emily Lowery; Miss Maggie Sieferle; Miss Annie H. Tillman; Jos. J. Brien; Albert J. Cavert; J. Henry Gennett; Robert A. Hailey; Herman Loveman.
Boys, 5; Girls, 6; total, 11.
The following were granted certificates:
Miss Jennie Adams; Miss Helen Bayless; Miss Blanche Bradfute; Miss Anna Crandall; Miss Fannie P. Dunnavant; Miss Minnie Gattinger; Miss Pennie Gattinger; Miss Corinne Gleaves; Miss Ella Howell; Miss Alice Huff; Miss Lizzie Nowland; Miss Bettie Scovel; Miss Fannie Tarpley; Lyman Bryan; Patrick Flannigan; William Marr; William K. Miller; Thomas W. Wrenne.
Boys, 5; Girls, 15; total, 20.
In the fall of 1871 the High Course was restored to three years, and its graduates thereafter were as named:
Miss Minnie Baldwin; Miss Sarah Iser; Miss Eudora Keel; Miss Effie Morgan; Miss Emma Moulton; Miss Mary Norvell, Valedictorian; Miss Amanda Rear; Miss Lutie V. Tillman; Miss Alice Wilson; Allison Alexander; Charles Currey; Thomas Patterson.
Boys, 3; Girls, 9; total 12.
Miss Olive Branch; Miss Jennie M. Coleman; Miss Ella F. Crutcher; Miss Jennie B. Currey; Miss Mary E. Demoville; Miss Medora B. Dortch, Valedictorian; Miss Sallie W. Hill; Miss Minnie Holmes; Miss Philena F. Johnson; Miss Hannah Marks; Miss Sarah Sobel; Miss Indie H. Strudivant; Miss Jennie M. Wrenne; Horace E. Argo; Paul Jones; Isaac N. Locke; Henry W. Morgan; John L . Whitworth.
Boys, 5; Girls, 13; total, 18.
Miss Bessie Blackman; Miss Flora E. Butler; Miss Lula C. Gaines; Miss Jennie D. Garrett; Miss Sallie J. Mconnell; Miss Lizzie B. Morris; Miss Maggie Pendergast; Miss Emma Perry; Miss Mattie C. Shaffer; Miss Clara M. Shivers; Miss Lula Stanley; Miss Annie E. Thomas, Valedictorian; James H. Halley; Charles W. Hodges; Frank McKee; Henry Powers.
Boys, 4; Girls, 12; total, 16.
In the summer of 1874 the High School course was extended to four years, and the class which would have graduated in 1875 pursued its studies until June, 1876.
Miss Lizzie Anthony; Miss Ada E. Butler; Miss Nellie E. Cramer; Miss Sarah E. Eves, Valedictorian; Miss Maggie Friel; Miss Addie W. Gaines; Miss Ida Griffith; Miss Louise Jonnard; Miss Fannie Latimer; Miss Elenora W. Mallory; Miss Millie E. Norvell; Miss Ida Powers; Miss Sallie Rodgers; Richard M. Buddeke; J. Percy Dake; Charles A. Halley, Salutatorian; Oscar Hamilton.
Boys, 4; Girls, 13; total, 17.
Miss Mamie E. Braden; Miss Etta Burns; Miss Mattie G. Dunlan; Miss Lucy Ford; Miss Mary C. A. Jones; Miss Anna Lyons; Miss Eva Marks; Miss Alice W. Ried, Salutatorian; Miss Georgie Tolmie; Miss Sallie Tugendrich; Miss Sophia Walkrich; Miss Hettie M. Wilkin; Wm. M. Erwin; Eben T. Fleming; Wm. L. Martin, Valedictorian; Jos. B. Morgan; Wm. W. Southgate.
Boys, 5; Girls, 12; total, 17.
Miss Dora Bloomstien; Miss Lillie M. Brown; Miss Julia Burton; Miss nannie G. Cameron; Miss Lillie H. Carrier; Miss Mary V. Coussens; Miss Lorena Duling; Miss Bridgett M. Fitzgerald; Miss Katie Fitzgerald; Miss Hattie M. Fuller; Miss Olive May Haynie; Miss Alice Louise Hensley; Miss Sue Howell; Miss Emma Johnson; Miss Katie Louise Jones; Miss Tommie Virginia Jones; Miss Estella Keel, Valedictorian; Miss Carrie B. Kuhn; Miss Nettie McKeand; Miss Laura Y. Rains; Miss Julia Sieferle; Miss Leah Sobel; Miss Mary C. Stanley; Miss Annie B. Sweeney; Miss Annie Weil; Miss Jennie Wright; Robert Lee Eves; Griffith R. Harsh, Salutatorian; Percy D. Maddin.
Boys, 3; Girls, 26; total, 29.
Miss Julia Bloomstein, Valedictorian; Miss Anna S. Brennan; Miss Lillie B. Carroll; Miss Jennie Davis; Miss Lassie Jones; Miss Emma E. Jungermann; Miss Florence D. Luck; Miss Alice McNabb; Miss Lillie Moorman; Miss Naomi Shea; Miss Mamie Spence; Miss Ophelia E. Stephens; Miss Lizzie Woods; Hays A. Compton, Salutatorian; Charles W. Rich.
Boys, 2; Girls, 13; total, 15.
Miss Emma E. Bloomstein; Miss Ida Flynn, Valedictorian; Miss Sallie Foster; Miss Mary Hall; Miss Louise M. Hoffman; Miss Lillie M. Hoke; Miss Annie D. Hunt; Miss Bettie Iser; Miss Emma L. Jones; Miss Mary Virginia Kirtland; Miss Lizzie C. McHenry; Miss Louise H. McHenry; Miss Fannie B. Mathews; Miss Emma L. Nelson, Salutatorian; Miss Kate O'Brien; Miss Mary W. Owen; Miss Leonta L. Parrish; Miss Mary A. Pendergast; Miss Annie Ready; Miss Nellie Robertson; Miss Mattie M. Stewart; Miss Abie M. Tillman; Miss Lillie T. Warren; Miss Lillie Weinbaum; Miss Belle Wilson; A. G. Adams, Jr.; Max Bloomstein; Edwin A. Coles; Eldridge G. Doubleday; Frank Brinley Fogg; John Austin Hitchcock; John Quincy Marr; Leon Trousdale, Jr.
Boys, 8; Girls, 25; total, 33.
Miss Ada C. Akin; Miss Mollie A. Arthur; Miss Sallie Lee Arthur; Miss Cora L. Bosworth; Miss Willie D. Burns; Miss Maggie E. Fogarty; Miss Jeannie Gibson; Miss Cornelia Glase; Miss Medora V. Glase, Valedictorian; Miss Clara I. Grass; Miss Jessie Harman; Miss Hattie Hite; Miss Sallie F. Hunter; Miss Ida May Jones; Miss Jennie Lowenheim; Miss Ella C. McGuire; Miss Susie R. Powell; Miss Corinne J. Reid; Miss Josie Schott; Miss Annie P. Thompson; Miss Annie C. Wesley; Patrick Cleary; Alex J. Dyas; Rufus S. Gambill; Abram S. Green; John T. Lellyett; Preston Perkins; Barney A. P'Pool; Victor S. Sobel.
Boys, 8; Girls, 21; total, 29.
1882 June
Miss Gertrude Anderson; Miss Mattie A. Bedford; Miss Kittie S. Cheatham; Miss Jennie L. Cooke; Miss Adah S. Cunningham; Miss Myra E. Hinds; Miss Sallie F. LeSueur: Miss Corinne Liebermann, Valedictorian; Miss Susie G. Milliron; Miss M. Delan Milsom; Miss Maxie A. Monteith; Miss Belle R. O'Gara; Miss Alice S. Power; Miss Sarah C. Price; Miss Ida J. Reid; Miss Jennie Rowen; Miss Marianne S. Trabue; Miss Bessie Washington; Miss Minnie C. Wharton; Miss Katie E. Wilson; Robert T. Smith, Salutatorian; Robert O. Tucker.
Boys, 2; Girls, 20; total, 22.
1883 June
Miss Mary Consadine; Miss Mattie R. Foster; Miss Annie M. Fulcher; Miss Katie Geiger; Miss Belle Goldammer; Miss Rosa Goldstein; Miss Ida B. Kellogg; Miss Fannie Layman; Miss Leah Layman; Miss Anna P. Lyons; Miss Mollie L. Martin; Miss Laura A. Page; Miss Linda Paul; Miss Mattie A. M. Pfeiffer; Miss Josie Sands; Miss Lizzie M. Smith; Miss Bettie Turner; Miss Nettie Turner; Charles L. Davidson; James B. Dortch; Wm. M. Farrar, Salutatorian; James M. Frank; Alfred Hume, Valedictorian; Wm. M. Leftwich; Goulding Marr; Joseph M. McGovern; James W. Sewell.
Boys, 9; Girls, 18; total, 27.
Miss Annie I. Allen; Miss Birdie A. Allen; Miss Omagh Armstrong; Miss Jennie Beasley; Miss Maggie G. Browne; Miss Fannie A. Campbell; Miss Mary Cleary; Miss Della Dortch; Miss Gertie Emanuel; Miss Mary A. Faherty; Miss Mary G. Flanagan; Miss Lula C. Fox; Miss Ellura Yolande; Miss Mattie C. Frazier; Miss Lottie Fulcher; Miss Carrie Goodloe; Miss Ida Gregg; Miss Mary E. Hailey; Miss Delia A. Hogan; Miss Gracie Lowenstein; Miss Addie McLean; Miss Jessie M. Mitchell; Miss Sallie A. O'Connor; Miss Mamie B. Pfeiffer; Miss Lizzie M. Shannon; Miss Agnes E. Smith; Miss Cora Stine; Miss Hattie M. Stine; Miss Bessie E.Sutherland; Miss Cecelia M. Thompson; Miss Clara N. Vance; Miss Jennie B. Waggoner; Miss Lizzie T. Walker, Salutatorian; Jas. L. Demoville; B. Howard Enloe, Valedictorian; Eugene S. Fisher; Wm. F. Harris; Jas. S. Mackenzie; J. Minnick Williams.
Boys, 6; Girls, 33; total, 39.
Miss Tillie Bernheim; Miss Mary C. Binkley; Miss Belle Casey; Miss Lillie Cummins; Miss Georgia Dashiell; Miss Lillie Duval; Miss Lizzie Finnegan; Miss Katie Fogarty; Miss Lillie Fuller; Miss Annie C. Halloran; Miss Katie Y. Johnson; Miss Alma Kline; Miss Clara Leikhardt; Miss Emma Lingner; Miss Carrie Martin; Miss Fannie McFarland; Miss Gracie McKeand; Miss Annie McNeilly; Miss Mamie L. Miller; Miss Lela Nichol; Miss Alberta Osment; Miss Mary V. Owen; Miss Emma Patterson; Miss Annie Porterfield, Valedictorian; Miss Lizzie Bell Reese; Miss Carrie Y. Robertson; Miss Annie Terrass; Miss Ellen Tucker; Miss Lena May Ware; Miss Mary B. Weimer; Miss Dora Weinbaum; Albert Duling; Ed. R. Freeman; Ed. Hart; Geo. Jungermann; Jos. Lefovitz; Charles Leickhardt; Charles M. McCabe; Ben. E. Matthews; Paul B. Moore, Salutatorian; John R. Nestor; Frank G. Rogers; Percival Sax; Wm. R. Smith; Ed. C. Stahlman; Wilfred D. Stearns; John R. Wilson.
Boys, 16; Girls, 31; total, 47.
Miss Tolberta N. Betty; Miss Sally N. Chamberlin; Miss Ida S. Frankland; Miss Lillie M. Iser; Miss Augusta D. Jonnard; Miss Irene M. Martin; Miss Annie E. Minchin, Miss Florence B. Mitchell; Miss Maggie E. Nicholas, Salutatorian; Miss Tommie E. Ottenville; Miss Eda R. Pierce; Miss Nellie B. Thomas; Miss Keeble T. Trimble; Miss Lena E. Wilson; James P. Clark; William C. Clendenning; W. L. Knox; Thomas F. Ruhm, Valedictorian.
Boys, 4; Girls, 14; total, 18.
Miss Zaidee Baskette; Miss Misniah Birthright; Miss Mary Laura Champe; Miss Mamie Chapman; Miss Winnie Fahey; Miss Westelle Fall; Miss Estella Fisher; Miss Irene Forde: Miss Nellie Forde; Miss Gertrude Goldberg; Miss Willie Hume, Jr., Valedictorian; Miss Sallie E. Leek; Miss Rosa Lowenstein; Miss Sallie E. McKenna; Miss Annie E. Nevins; Miss Isabel Ottarson; Miss Lena R. Pittman; Miss Annie E. Roberts; Miss Mary Ella Rothrock; Miss Sallie Sax; Miss Mary L. Scott; Miss Lena L. Weitzell; Charles E. Bowron; James L. Byrd; Jo. W. Byrns; Holmes Duff; Louis Dupont; Charles F. Frizzell; Theo W. Hamlin; Wm. C. Pollard; Herman D. Ruhm, Salutatorian; Jo. L. Weakley, Jr.
Boys, 10; Girls, 22; total, 32.
Miss Minnie J. Bray; Miss Maude Brown; Miss Mary Byrne; Miss Mary Allen Clark; Miss Jessie M. Cooke; Miss Maggie Cooke; Miss Maria A. Cooke; Miss Blanche Dashiell; Miss Pauline Dismukes; Miss Louise Eve; Miss Lottie Fuller; Miss Annie M. Gerraty; Miss Zurilda Goodloe; Miss Rose E. Goodwin; Miss Jessie H. Hartwell; Miss Clara W. Jeck; Miss Ruth John; Miss Lulie W. Kirby; Miss Fannie Longhurst; Miss May Loveman, Salutatorian; Miss Sara Martin; Miss Mamie Matthews; Miss Hettie B. Miller; Miss M. E. McCormack; Miss M. Belle McFarland; Miss Rena W. McKennie; Miss Kitty Noland; Miss Mabel H. Spaulding; Miss Lida Spidell; Miss Mary Stine; Miss Grace E. Thatcher; Miss Jennie M. Thomas; Miss Rosa Vaughn; Miss Lady Warren; Miss Alma Wiggers; Miss Emma Zickler; Thos. N. Bray; Robt. L. Cave; Winthrop H. Cave; Paul Clements; Chas. E. Dortch; Chas. Q. Fisher; Geo. M. Hooper; Henry Joseph; Tyrold C. Kirkpatrick; Ed. L. Morris; Henry E. Smith; J. Ross Thomas, Valedictorian.
Boys, 12; Girls, 36; total, 48.
Undergraduates Session of 1888-89
Miss Annie Allison; Miss Maggie Anderson; Miss Dillie Bowman; Miss Emma Brown; Miss Maggie F. Carney; Miss Ida Crossley; Miss Mamie K. DeHart; Miss Lizize E. Dieterle; Miss Mary S. Dunnavant; Miss Louise Elliston; Miss Lizzie Fain; Miss Ernestine Fall; Miss Dollie Finegan; Miss Lucy Fitch; Miss Flora Freedle; Miss Laura Garrett; Miss Maud M. Goodall; Miss Lallie Hardcastle; Miss Lula Hill; Miss Emma Hodges; Miss Sallie P. Hooper; Miss Pattie C. Howell; Miss Lula Huggins: Miss S. Allie Johnson; Miss Jennie Kendrick; Miss Ottie LeRoi; Miss Effie R. Merrill; Miss E. V. Miller; Miss Minnie Miller; Miss Laura Moskovitz; Miss Mary Norman; Miss Agnes Orchard; Miss Lena Pritz; Miss Edna Smythe; Miss Carrie Stadden; Miss Lula Staggs; Miss Lottie Stine; Miss Gertrude Talbot; Miss India H. Thomas; Miss Flora Thompson; Miss Mamie Tomlinson; Miss Maggie Tucker; Miss Willie Lou Wheeless; Fannie Lou Wilson; Corrie E. Bandy; C. M. Brown; Thomas Brown; McKay Buchanan; Abe Goodman; Philip F. Jones; E. H. Lanier; Sol Lowenstein; C. H. McHenry; Alex McLin; Fred L. Martin; Thos. O. Morris, Jr.; Reuben S. Payne; Paul Riddle; W. R. Smith; A. D. Wharton, Jr.
Boys, 16; Girls, 44; total, 60.
NOTICE: This information was transcribed by Debie Cox, from a photocopy of pages in the Nashville City School Superintendent Reports

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