Nashville History Table of Contents

1784 Act of Preemption
1812 Davidson Co. Census
1876 Davidson Co Tax
1946 U.S. Postal Map, Nashville Tennessee
201 Woodland Street
A Bridge By Any Other Name, Shelby Avenue
Act of 1806
African-American Public Schools in Nashville and Davidson County 
AN ACT To regulate theatrical exhibitions
Archway Bakery in Northeast Nashville
As reported in the Daily Nashville Patriot - 1861
As reported….
Aunt Sue's 100th Birthday
Books for the Nashville and Tennessee History Bibliophile
Brief Annals of Nashville
Business Advertisements, Fans, Letterheads, Press Ads, Ect.
Cemeteries in Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee
Changing Face of Deaderick Street
Charity Church
Charles A. Fuller and the Surrender of Nashville.
City Hall 1860
City Hotel
Clayton's History Index
Clinic Bowl, A Nashville Tradition
Confederate Veteran Magazine
Dairies - Nashville and Davidson County, Tenn.
Davidson County Courthouse 1900
Davidson County Schools 
Davidson County Tenn., map, 1901
Deposition of Thomas Cox and James Robertson
Dickerson Road
Dr. Cleo Miller, East Nashville
Early Ethnic Restaurants
Early Roads and Forts in the Cumberland Settlements
East Edgefield and Spring Park
East Ivy 
East Nashville - Early land holders.
East Nashville and Family History
East Nashville Back in the Day
Eastview, An Historic Inglewood Home
Edgefield Nursing Home
Edgefield Station
Engine Company 18 - The Station
Edward Ward Carmack
Fairfield Home of William B. Lewis
Fall's Business College
Family fun in Nashville (downtown)
Fatherland at 17th
First Bridge Over The Cumberland 
First Ferry - Shaw's
The First Shelby Park, 1892-1905
First Tollgate on Gallatin Pike
Five and Dimes - Nashville
Frank Sutton - East Nashville 
From Bowman's Hill to Katie Hill
Gallatin Pike 1950 - 1980 - Businesses and Residents
Gee's Tavern, Davidson County, Tennessee
General William White
George Etta Brinkley Cohen
Graduates of Nashville Schools 1860-1888 
Grand Central Market, Northeast Nashville
Gray & Dudley Hardware Company
Green Hills
Grubb's Cracker Company
H. G. Hill Grocery
Hadley Park  
Happy Fourth of July
Hayden & Brown Sanitarium
Haysborough and Spring Hill 
Hillsboro Village
Historic Blue Grass Line - Chapters
Historic Photographs of Nashville
History of Nashville City Schools - 1875
History of Spring Hill Cemetery
History of the Tennessee State Fair
Hitchcock Building 
Homes along Gallatin Pike
House Genealogy - 315 Grace Street, 37207
I Remember When, do you? by Jimmy Morrissey
Inglewood - Just where do we live?
Inglewood and East Nashville links
Inglewood Area Trivia
Inglewood Business History
Inglewood Fire Department 1927
Inglewood Railroad Trestle.
J. J. Keyes Stadium
Jeff McCarn's House
Jonathan Jennings
Judge John T. Allen and 1606 Lischey Avenue.
Justices 1835 Davidson County Court
Kennedy & Bowden Machine Company, Inc.
Lebeck Bros on the Nashville Public Square
Let Me Entertain You
Lindsley Hall, The Old and the New
Lischey-Avenue and Meridian-Street Car.
Little Sisters of the Poor
Litton School Zone - Inglewood/East Nashville
Lizzie Porterfield Elliott
Long Hunters, The 
Lookaway and the Whitson Sisters
Louisville and Nashville Railroad Bridge
Lynnlawn and the Stratton family
Madison Station
Maplewood Place to Maplewood Trace
Mayors of Nashville
McFerrin Park and The Bryan-McFerrin-Scales house
McGavock House, The
Meigs School
Memoirs of Litton Hickman
Meridian Street Mystery Solved
Meridian Street Neighbors
Meridian Street Viaduct
Methodist Publishing House South
Militia Companies, Davidson County, Tenn., 1836
Minutes of the Davidson County Court concerning the Court House
Morgan-Reeves Building, Nashville Public Square
Mrs. Clark's School, East Nashville
My Daddy
My Downtown
Nashville 1834
Nashville 1859
Nashville 1937
Nashville A Hundred Years Hence
Nashville and Davidson County
Nashville and Davidson County Maps
Nashville as viewed by Francis Bailey, 1797
Nashville Building Permits, 1892
Nashville City Cemetery, 1927
Nashville City Directories
Nashville Facts 1779 - 2013
Nashville Hotels 1870
Nashville Influenza Epedimic 1918
Nashville Points of Interest 1905
Nashville Polar Bears
Nashville School History
Nashville Street Directory, 1874
Nashville Street Name Changes
Nashville's Bridges Across the Cumberland River
Nashville's Great Snow
Nashville's Infancy.
Nashville's Public Square In The 20th Century
Nashville's Riverwood Mansion
Nashville's Union Station
National Road
Northeast Nashville in the 1924 Nashville City Driectory
Northeast Nashville Streets - 1960 Directory
Original Lots, Nashville, 1784
Our First Century
Our Gang, Meridian Street Style
Pennington Bend
Petition for a New County
Powder Plant at Jacksonville, Tennessee
Recipes and Food Items from Nashville Newspapers 1855-1874
Remains of Union Soldiers Removed to the National Cemetery
Rich, Schwartz & Joseph
Riverside Drive
Roxy Theater, Northeast Nashville
Saturday Morning Memory
Sears & Roebuck Store - Church Street
Selections from the Board of Aldermen, City of Nashville beginning Oct. 1860
Shelby's Pond
Shelby Park and Bottoms
Sillabub (Sillibub, Syllabub)
Smorgasbord Nashville Style
Spice(d) Round
Spring Hill Cemetery, African American Burials
Statement of the disposition
Street Railways in Nashville
Sunny Point and Edgefield Junction
Suspension Bridge
Tax List 1787 
Tennessee Centennial Exposition 1897
Tennessee Knights Templar Index
Tennessee Theater and the Sudekum Building
The Day the Whistles Cried, Betsy Thorpe
Tony the Chili King
Traffic Lights in Davidson County, In 1954
Turnpikes and bridges in Davidson County, Tennessee
Two Rivers Mansion, a Nashville Treasure
Vauxhall, The
Vauxhall, Nashville
What-a-burger - East Nashville
What's on Tap? - Cool Clear Water
Who Owns the Square?
Winter in Nashville
Winter in Nashville, Part 2
Wm. Sutherland & Co.
WWII Casualties

Building/Business: Archway Bakery in Northeast Nashville
Building/Business: City Hotel
Building/Business: Edgefield Nursing Home
Building/Business: Fall's Business College
Building/Business: Gray & Dudley Hardware Company
Building/Business: H. G. Hill Grocery
Building/Business: Hitchcock Building
Building/Business: Kennedy & Bowden Machine Company, Inc.
Building/Business: Lebeck Bros on the Nashville Public Square
Building/Business: Lindsley Hall, The Old and the New
Building/Business: Little Sisters of the Poor
Building/Business: McIntire Floral Company
Building/Business: Methodist Publishing House South
Building/Business: Morgan-Reeves Building, Nashville Public Square
Building/Business: Nashville Businesses
Building/Business: Neely, Harwell & Company
Building/Business: Nashville's Union Station
Building/Business: Powder Plant at Jacksonville, Tennessee
Building/Business: Rich, Schwartz & Joseph
Building/Business: Roxy Theater, Northeast Nashville
Building/Business: Sears & Roebuck Store - Church Street
Building/Business: Tennessee Theater and the Sudekum Building
Building/Business: Tony the Chili King
Building/Business: What-a-burger - East Nashville
Building/Business: Wm. Sutherland & Co.
Building/Business: Vauxhall, The

The following business are listed within this post/link.
     Ambrose Printing Company
     The Cedar Place
     Cummings Sign Company
     Davis Cabinet Company
     Draper Jewelry
     Duke Signs
     Emma's Florist
     Geny's Florist
     George P. Howell and Son Realty
     Hody's Florist
     Joy's Florist
     Lipman Brothers
     Mack Pest Control
     Methodist Publishing Company
     Nashville Trunk and Bag
     Purity Dairies
     Standard Candy Company
     Vietti Foods
     Warren Paint and Color Company



  1. where is the history for black people in nashville

    1. There are a few posts directly concerning the African-American community on this site. Many of the posts are general and have information remembered by all Nashvillians. Is there something in particular you would like for me to research? If you want to read about African-American history in Nashville, I suggest you read The African-American History of Nashville, Tennessee, 1780 1930, by Dr. Bobby Lovett. It is well researched, well written, and gives a broad view of Nashville's past.

  2. Do you have any history on the old Viadock that went over the railroad tracks from Spring St. To Main St.

    1. I put this together for you on the Meridian Street Viaduct.

  3. I just came across you blog and it is great! Thank you!


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